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Administration and Fiscal Management

Roles and Responsibilities Matrix for Research Administration

Responsibility for Proposals, Awards and Regulatory Compliance
Those responsible include the Principal Investigator, Department and Chair, Dean, Sponsored Projects Office (SPO), Post-Award Office (PAO), and the Research Compliance Office (RCO).

Research Administration Process
  1. Identification of Funding Opportunities
  2. Proposal Preparation
  3. Proposal Review and Approval
  4. Proposal Submission
  5. Award Acceptance
  6. Award Set-Up
  7. Award Management and Maintenance
  8. Program Income
  9. Invoicing and Billing for all Sponsors
  10. Accounts Receivable and Cash Management
  11. Preparation and Submission of Financial Status Reports
  12. Preparation and Submission of all Technical Reports
  13. Certification of Time and Effort
  14. Closing of Accounts
  15. A-133 Audit
  16. Retrieval of Federal, Sponsor, and University Policy/Regulations
  17. Ongoing Training
  18. Compliance Issues
    1. Technology Transfer
    2. Financial Conflict of Interest
    3. Institutional Biosafety Committee
    4. Human Subjects Protection
    5. Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
    6. Environmental Health and Safety
    7. Radiation Safety
    8. Human Resources and Equal Opportunity