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» Mentoring and Research Misconduct: An Analysis of Research Mentoring in Closed ORI Cases (2008).
David Wright, Sandra Titus and Jered Cornelison. Science and Engineering Ethics, 14, 323–336.

» Misconduct by Graduate Students and Postdocs: Where Was the Mentor?
David Wright, Sandra Titus and Jered Cornelison.

Final Report: Observing and Reporting Suspected Misconduct in Biomedical Research
  » Final report (pdf)
  » Commentary (pdf)
  » Questionnaire (pdf)
  » Codebook (pdf)
   (SPSS data file. Right click and "Save as" on to your computer)

» New Institutional Research Misconduct Activity: 1992-2001 (2004) (pdf)

» ORI Closed Investigations into Misconduct Allegations Involving Research Supported by the Public Health Service: 1994-2003 (2004) (pdf)

Survey of Research Integrity Measures Used in Biomedical Research Laboratories (2003)
  » Review of Literature (pdf)
  » Final Report (pdf)
  » Instrument (pdf)

» Integrity in Scientific Research: Creating an Environment That Promotes Responsible Conduct - IOM (2002) (external link)

Organizing an Institutional Investigation Assistance Program: A Feasibility Study (2002)
  » Final Report (pdf)
  » Final Appendix (pdf)

» Analysis of Guidelines for the Conduct of Research Adopted by Medical Schools or their Components (2001) (pdf)

» Instruction to Authors: An Integrity Issue  (2001) (pdf)

» ORI Education Program: A Needs Assessment (2001) (pdf)

» Analysis of Institutional Policies for Responding To Allegations of Scientific Misconduct (2000) (pdf)

» Study of Affiliation Agreements Used by Institutions to Comply with the Requirements of their Misconduct Assurance (1999) (pdf)

» Scientific Misconduct Investigations, 1993-1997 (1998) (pdf)

» Anonymity and Pseudonymity in Whistleblowing to the U.S. Office of Research Integrity (1998) (pdf)

» Study of Inquiry Reports Not Submitted to ORI (1998) (pdf)

» Study of the Incidence of Misconduct Reported by Institution (1998)

» Survey of Accused but Exonerated Individuals in Research Misconduct Cases--Final Report (1996)

» Consequences of Whistleblowing for the Whistleblower in Misconduct in Science Cases--Final Report (1995) (pdf)

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