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RCR Casebook: Stories about Researchers Worth Discussing

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This casebook was funded through the ORI RCR Resource Development Program to James M. DuBois, St. Louis University.





Authorship and Publication
   . Case One: My Lab Boss Put His Name on My Papers and Proposals
   . Case Two: Risky Authorship
   . Case Three: Should I Be Listed as an Author?
   . Role Play: Is Theft of Authorship About to Occur?

Research Misconduct
   . Case One: Were These Slides Falsified?
   . Case Two: Struggling to Understand Plagiarism
   . Case Three: Haven’t I Seen that Protocol Before?
   . Case Four: Accusations of Falsifying Data
   . Role Play: In a Stew over Cooked Data

   . Case One: Alternative Therapies and Awkward Collaborations
   . Case Two: Conflicts with Community Leaders
   . Role Play: An Uncomfortable Working Relationship

Data Acquisition and Management
   . Case One: Creating a Public Archive of Sensitive Data
   . Case Two: Data Sharing Fever
   . Case Three: I Really Can’t Acquire Important Data?
   . Role Play: Genome Data Breach

Conflicts of Interest
   . Case One: Age-Old Conflicts
   . Case Two: Taking Advantage of Patient Trust
   . Case Three: It Slipped My Mind…
   . Role Play: Playing Fast & Loose

Peer Review
   . Case One: Pandering to the Public
   . Case Two: Getting a Fair Shake
   . Case Three: Getting Scooped by a Reviewer
   . Role Play: Mysteriously Similar Articles

Mentor and Trainee Relationships
   . Case One: Suspect Motives and Work Ethic
   . Case Two: Bullied or Mentored?
   ."> Case Three: Power Struggles in the Lab
   . Role Play: The Sad Truth



Social Responsibility
   . Case One: Putting Social Advocacy Before the Data
   . Case Two: Career Dreams Up in Smoke?
   . Case Three: Magic Key
   . Role Play: A Padded Budget


An accompanying Instructors’ Manual is available.  


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