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The Division of Education and Integrity (DEI) is primarily responsible for implementing the education and prevention missions of ORI.

DEI is responsible for:

  • developing and implementing, in consultation with the PHS OPDIVs, activities and programs for PHS intramural and extramural research to teach the responsible conduct of research, promote research integrity, prevent research misconduct, and to enable the extramural institutions and PHS OPDIVs to respond effectively to allegations of research misconduct;
  • coordinating the dissemination of research integrity policies, procedures, and regulations;
  • conducting policy analyses, evaluations, and research to improve DHHS research integrity policies and procedures and build the knowledge base in research misconduct, research integrity, and prevention;
  • administer programs for: approval of institutional assurances and review and approval of intramural and extramural policies and procedures.

Activities within DEI include:

  • Assurance Program
  • Annual Report on Possible Research Misconduct
  • Review of institutional policies
  • RCR Resource Development Program
  • ORI Conference and Workshop Program
  • Research on Research Integrity Program
  • ORI Intramural Research Program
  • ORI web site
  • ORI Newsletter
  • ORI Annual Report
  • ORI listservs

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