Research on Research Integrity (RRI) Conference 2009

The fifth biennial Research Conference on Research Integrity was held at the Niagara Falls, NY .

Conference Materials

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Friday 2:00-3:30 Plenary 1: Emerging Issues
RRI Trends and Update
Nicholas Steneck
Assuring Appropriate Use of Animals in Research - What Do We Know about IACUC Decision Making?
Charles W. Lidz, Jerald Silverman
A Multi-layered Model of the System of Regulation in Research
Kathleen Montgomery, Erin Leahey
Friday 4:00-6:00 Plenary 2: Conflict of Interest
Conflicts of Interest and Disclosure: A Critical Assessment of the Current COI Policy and the Value of Integrity
Susan S. Night
Research Integrity at the NIH and the Impact of the 2005 Ethics Rules
Eric Campbell, Darren Zinner
University Trustees Relation to University Research and the Potential of Conflict of Interest.
Charles Mathies, Sheila Slaughter
External Funding Expectations, Federal Grants and Private Industry Involvement: Manifold Forms of Self-interest and Researcher Behavior
Brian C. Martinson, A. Lauren Crain, Melissa S. Anderson, Raymond De Vries
Friday 6:00-9:00 Poster Session
Achievements of Establishment of Research Ethics of Universities, Academic Associations in Korea and its Forward Planing
In Jae Lee
The EQUATOR Network: Enhancing the Quality and Transparency of Health Research
Iveta Simera,Douglas G Altman, David Moher, Kenneth F Schulz, John Hoey
Promoting Scientific Integrity at Health Canada
Zubin Master
Department Climate and IRB Influences on Mentoring the Responsible Conduct of Graduate Research in Psychology
Lindsay G. Feldman, Celia B. Fisher
Developing a Research Culture Using a Self-assessment Instrument of Adherence to Best Practices
Anne Victoria Neale
Saturday 8:00-10:15 Plenary 3: Research Misconduct I
How Many Scientists Fabricate and Falsify Research? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Survey Data
Daniele Fanelli
Trends in Misconduct and Fraud in Government Grants
James Kroll, Scott Moore
A Study of Highly Similar and Duplicate Citations via Computer-based Text Mining and Manual Verification
Harold Garner
An Evaluation of the Accessibility and Usefulness of University Research Misconduct Policies
Rebecca Ann Lind, Ginnifer L. Mastarone, Nathan Earixson, Korin Isotalo Hunt, Jill Caravelli, Sarah E. Millermaier, Brenda Russell
Estimating the Economic Costs of a Finding of Research Misconduct in Faculty PI’s: Case Studies from ORI Annual Reports
Elizabeth Gammon, Luisa Franzini, Stephen Linder, Jacquelyn Slomka
Saturday 10:45-12:30 RCR Education I: National Surveys
Reported Goals for Instruction in Research Ethics: Attitudes, Behavior, and Community Engagement
Dena Plemmons, Michael Kalichman
An Inventory of RCR Instructional Activities and Training Materials Used in the CTSA Consortium
Elizabeth Heitman
Towards Promoting a Culture of Research Ethics: Insights from a Needs Assessment
Alison Boyce, Gail Geller, Jeremy Sugarman
Saturday 10:45-12:30 Publication I: Authorship issues
The Final Frontier: Performance Measures for Peer Review in Science Journals
Vincent Richman, Alex Richman
Research Misconduct Policies of Scientific Journals
David B. Resnik, Winnon Brunson Jr., Shyamal Peddada
Beyond Methodology: Editorial Decision-making and the Complexities of Publication Bias
Elizabeth A. Boyd, Kirby Lee, Lisa A. Bero
Analysis of a Number and Type of Publications that Editors Publish in their Own Journals: Croatian Case Study
Lana Bosnjak, Katarina Vukojevic, Livia Puljak, Ana Marusic
Saturday 10:45-12:30 Integrity in Health Care Research
Engaging Community Health Workers in Research: Ethical Challenges and Practical Solutions
Camille Nebeker, Jennifer Terpstra, Karen Coleman, and Gayle Simon
Relationships and Rules in the Practice of Public Health Research
Kenneth A. Richman, Leslie B. Alexander
Challenges in Classifying Adverse Events in Cancer Clinical Trials
Steven Joffe, David Harrington, David Studdert, Saul Weingart, Damiana Maloof
Inconclusive Trials and Optimism Bias
Anja Magazin, Ambuj Kumar, Heloisa Soares, Iztok Hozo, Michael Schell,Benjamin Djulbegovic
Saturday 1:30-4:00 RCR Education II: Assessment
Comparative Effectiveness of Research Ethics Teaching Methods
Michael Kalichman, Dena Plemmons
Moral Reasoning Schemas and Views on Science, Technology and Society in Biomedical Graduate Students and Faculty
Ann M. Peiffer, Charles J. Eldridge, Nancy L. Jones, Jones
Teaching RCR to Undergraduate and Graduate Audiences: College Sophomores, Seniors and Graduate Students
Julio F. Turrens
Cultural Competency in an RCR Program: Focus on Research Misconduct
Kathryn M. Partin, Ellen Fisher, Paul Stretesky
Can an Authentic Interest for Research Integrity be Fostered?: From Government Driven Promotion to Voluntary Self-Education and Consensus Formation on the Internet
Wha-Chul Son
Saturday 1:30-4:00 Publication II: Editorial Issues
Panel: Responsible Authorship: Is there a Common Definition Across Research Fields?
Ana Marusic, Darko Hren
Authors' Perceived Importance of Research Contributions and their Declared Contributions to Research Articles
Ana Ivani , Darko Hren, Dario Sambunjak, Matko Marusic , Ana Marusic
Statisticians' Contributions and Coauthorship in Published Articles
Kresimir Solic, Vesna Ilakovac, Ana Marusic, Matko Marusic
The Importance of Data Analysis in Declaring Authorship Contributions to Research Articles
Vesna Ilakovac, Kresimir Solic, Ana Marusic, Matko Marusic
Authorship Guidelines for Japanese Research Environments
Mary Ann Mooradian, Kiyofumi Tanaka
Saturday 1:30-4:00 Integrity Issues in the Social Sciences
Exploring the Effectiveness of RCR Education in the Social and Behavioral Sciences
Jim Vander Putten, Amanda Nolen
Graduate Socialization in the RCR: A National Survey on the Research Ethics Training Experiences of Psychology Doctoral Students
Celia B. Fisher, Adam L. Fried, Lindsay Feldman
Research Data in the Social Sciences: How Much is Being Shared?
Amy Pienta, Myron Gutmann, Jared Lyle
Who Do You Call When the IRB Is Significantly Delaying Approval of Your Research?
Gwen Anderson, thea Cacchioni
Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics. The Adverse Incentive Effects of the Publication Bias
Micha Krawczyk
Saturday 4:30-6:00 Questionable Research Practices
Reporting Guidelines: Contributing to the Prevention of Questionable Research Practices
Iveta Simera, Douglas G Altman, David Moher, Kenneth F Schulz, John Hoey
Quality of Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs): Comparison between What was Reported vs. What was Done
Ambuj Kumar, Anja, Magazine, Heloisa Soares, Benjamin Djulbegovic
Real and Ideal Research Record Keeping Practices
Kenneth Wilson, Alan Schreier, David Resnik, Amanda Drozdowski
Sunday 8:00-10:00 RCR Education III: Critical Reasoning Skills
Considering Causes in Forecasting for Ethical Decision-Making
Cheryl Beeler, Alison Antes, Michael Mumford, Lynn Devenport, Shane Connelly, Ryan Brown
Mirror Mirror on the Wall: the Role of Self-Reflection in Ethical Decision-Making
Laura Martin, Alison Antes, Lynn Devenport, Michael Mumford, Shane Connelly, Ryan Brown
Mirror Mirror on the Wall: the Role of Self-Reflection in Ethical Decision-Making
Laura Martin, Alison Antes, Lynn Devenport, Michael Mumford, Shane Connelly, Ryan Brown
The Impact of Framing on Ethical Decision-Making
Xiaoqian Wang, Mike Tamborski, Ryan Brown, Michael Mumford, Alison Antes, Shane Connelly, Lynn Devenport
The Process of Sensemaking in Ethical Decision-Making
Jay Caughron, Alison Antes, Michael Mumford, Lynn Devenport, Shane Connelly, Ryan Brown
Considering the Role of Negative Emotion in Ethical Decision-Making
Vykinta Kligyte, Chase thiel, Shane Connelly, Michael Mumford, Ryan Brown, Lynn Devenport, Alison Antes
Sunday 8:0010:00 Research Misconduct II
Research Misconduct and Social Control
Douglas Adams, Kenneth D. Pimple
The Vicarious Traumatization of Researchers: A Neglected Area of RCR Research
Mark S. Davis, Kelly Wester
Avoiding Scientific Misconduct and Stimulating Good Scientific Practice in a University Setting
Ragnvald Kalleberg
Sunday 8:00-10:00 International Research Developments
Development of Moral Reasoning during Medical Education
Darko Hren, Ana Marusic, Matko Marusic
Can we export morality? Bioethics as Missionary Work
Raymond DeVries
Facilitating International Collaborations: Proactive and Reactive Case Reviews
Camille Nebeker
Looking at Plagiarism in Latin American Science through the Perception of Brazilian Scientists: Preliminary Results from a Focus Group Project
Sonia M.R.Vasconcelos, Lídia O.O. Costa, André L. Pinto, Martha M. Sorenson, Jacqueline Leta
Sunday 10:30-12:00 Plenary 5: Impact of Research Environment
Misconduct and Stress: the Connection Depends on Career Stage
Melissa S. Anderson, Raymond DeVries
The Relationship Between Psychological Climate and Questionable Research Practices: A Pilot Study
Kelly Wester, Mark S. Davis
If You Want Research Integrity, Work for (Organizational) Justice
Brian C. Martinson, A. Lauren Crain, Melissa S. Anderson, Raymond De Vries


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