ORI Expresses Gratitude for NPRM Comments Received. Here’s What Comes Next.

In early October, ORI published a Notice of Proposed Rule Making, or NPRM.  The current regulation has not been updated since 2005 and the NPRM proposed changes to the current regulation. Large numbers of researchers are subject to the rules that govern PHS-funded research—so the NPRM is an important tool to get feedback from the public and anyone involved in PHS-funded research to make their voices heard. 

We asked for comments on the NPRM and you delivered! We received close to 200 submissions that included relevant comments from a wide array of organizations and individuals. The comment period closed on Thursday, January 4th.

So, what happens next? ORI will analyze each and every relevant comment received in detail. And we will respond to your relevant comments in the Final Rule. 

We very much appreciate the engagement, and ORI is committed to getting this right. For now, ORI expresses gratitude to everyone who took time to submit comments. 

Thank you. 

See the video message here.

Source URL: https://ori.hhs.gov/blog/ori-expresses-gratitude-nprm-comments-received-here’s-what-comes-next