Awards Data 2008

Research - Extramural

Three awards were made by the Research on Research Integrity (RRI) Program in response to 23 applications received. The awards were supported by the National Center for Research Resources (NCRR) and ORI.

Total funding for the eighth round (new and continuations) totaled $1.97 million.

The National Cancer Institute, the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, National Institute of Nursing Research, and National Library of Medicine contributed $750,000; ORI contributed $1.51 million. The maximum direct costs were limited to $175,000 per year for 2 years.

PI Publications* Institution Study Title
Elizabeth Ripley
Virginia Commonwealth University RCR Multi-component Mentoring Model
Brian Martinson Health Partners Research Foundation Propagating the Uniform Research Integrity Climate Assessment (U-RICA)
Melissa Anderson University of Minnesota Twin Cities Integrity in International Research Collaborations


Source URL: https://ori.hhs.gov/awards-data-2008