Awards Data 2013

Five new awards were made through the ORI Research on Research Integrity program. The FOA requested applications to address critical barriers to progress in understanding the multiple factors that underlie deviation from integrity in research or that promote research integrity.  Awards up to $600,000 over two years were available.  ORI funded $1,227,765 in year 1 of the five awarded projects.

Grant Number Principal Investigator Study Title
ORIIR130002 Dubois J  “Validating Outcome Measures for Remediation of Research Wrongdoing”
ORIIR130003   Fong E “Honorary Authorship and Coercive Citations”
ORIIR130004 McCormack W “Team-Based Learning for RCR Education”
ORIIR130005 Nebeker C  “Evaluating RCR Training with Paraprofessional Research"
ORIIR140006 Fanelli D  “Unraveling the Causes of Bias and Misconduct"



Source URL: https://ori.hhs.gov/awards-data-2013