Awards Data 2011

Four awards that focused on research integrity and research bias were made by ORI. National Institute for Environmental and Health Sciences (NIEHS) provided grants management support and grant review services. Total funding for the RRI program in 2011 was $1,337,173. New grants received $607,688 and continuations received $729,485.  ORI contributed $1,337,173. R21-awards provide up to $275,000 in direct costs, plus indirect costs, for two years.

Grant Number Principal Investigator Study Title
ES020967-01 Arcury T  "Scientific Integrity in Community-Based Participatory Research" 
ES021041-01 Ariely D "Complex and Self-serving Altruism in Research" 
ES021075-01 Bero L "Measuring Design, Reporting and Funding Bias in Nonclinical Research"
ES021028-01 Mumford M "Bias and Bias Management in Ethics Education" 

Source URL: https://ori.hhs.gov/awards-data-2011