Awards Data 2014

Three new awards were made through ORI's Research on Research Integrity program. The FOA outlined four possible types of RRI research: (1) Evaluating the effectiveness of Educational Training on Responsible Conduct of Research, (2) Evaluating the Effectiveness of RCR Resources, (3) Discovering and Evaluating Mechanisms that Institutions can Effectively Employ to Foster Research Integrity and (4) Research Questions that Challenge and Test Theoretical Perspectives on Researchers Integrity Behavior. Awards up to $300,000 over two years were available. ORI funded $448,110 in year 1 of the three awarded projects.

Grant Number Principal Investigator Study Title
ORI2014000037 Gordon A “Moral Intensity and Rational Choice as Predictors of Research Misconduct”
ORI2014000039 Mumford M  “Course Characteristics and Criteria: A Meta-analytic Approach for Appraising the Effectiveness of RCR Educational Resources”
ORI2014000046  Dubois J  “The Role Of Culture And Experience In The Perception Of Research Regulations, Norms And Values”

Source URL: https://ori.hhs.gov/awards-data-2014