University of Pittsburgh: Guidelines on Data Retention and Access

ORI Introduction to RCR: Chapter 6. Data Management Practices

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Data Ownership and Access to Data
Both the principal investigator and the University have responsibilities, and hence, rights concerning access to, use of, and maintenance of original research data. Research data belongs to the University of Pittsburgh, which can be held accountable for the integrity of the data even after the researchers have left the University. Although the primary data should remain in the laboratory where it originated (and hence at the University), consistent with the precepts of academic freedom and intellectual integrity, the investigator may be allowed to retain the research records and materials created by him/her. In the event that the investigator leaves the University, an Agreement on Disposition of Research Data may be negotiated by the investigator and the Department Chair or Dean to allow transfer of research records. However, consistent with the same precepts, it should be specified in the agreement that the University has the right of access to all research records and materials for a reasonable cause after reasonable prior notice regardless of the location of the responsible investigator....
Some circumstances may warrant an exception, requiring that the primary data be retained by the University....
Split of collaborative team: When a collaborative team is dissolved, University of Pittsburgh policy states that each member of the team should have continuing access to the data and materials with which he/she had been working, unless some other agreement was established at the outset. The unique materials prepared in the course of the research should be available/accessible under negotiated terms of a transfer agreement. (Link)

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