American Chemical Society: The Chemist's Code of Conduct 1994

ORI Introduction to RCR: Chapter 1. Rules of the Road    

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Chemists Acknowledge Responsibilities To:
The Public. Chemists have a professional responsibly to serve the public interest and welfare and to further knowledge of science….
The Science of Chemistry. Chemists should seek to advance chemical science, understand the limitations of their knowledge, and respect the truth….
The Profession. Chemists should remain current with developments in their field, share ideas and information, keep accurate and complete laboratory records, maintain integrity in all conduct and publications, and give due credit to the contributions of others. Conflicts of interest and scientific misconduct, such as fabrication, falsification, and plagiarism, are incompatible with this Code.
The Employer. Chemists should promote and protect the legitimate interests of their employers, perform work honestly and competently, fulfill obligations, and safeguard proprietary information.
Employees. Chemists, as employers, should treat subordinates with respect for theirprofessionalism and concern for their well-being….
Students. Chemists should regard the tutelage of students as a trust conferred by society for the promotion of the student’s learning and professional development….
Associates. Chemists should treat associates with respect, regardless of the level of their formal education, encourage them, learn with them, share ideas honestly, and give credit for their contributions. (Link)

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