Institutional Policy

In fulfilling its responsibility to monitor institutional compliance with the PHS Policies on Research Misconduct (42 CFR Part 93), ORI reviews institutional policies for responding to research misconduct allegations to determine whether they comply with the regulation. ORI requests an institutional policy for review when it refers an allegations to an institution for action, when the institution responds negatively to the question on the Annual Report on Possible Research Misconduct asking about the availability of such a policy, or as part of periodic samples.

If a policy adequately reflects the provisions of the PHS regulation cited above, ORI sends the institution a letter acknowledging that fact. If the policy does not adequately reflect the provisions of the PHS regulation, a report identifying the deficiencies is sent to the institution with a letter requesting revision of the policy in 60 days. If an institution fails to submit a requested policy or fails to bring its policy into compliance with the regulation, its assurance is withdrawn, thereby, making the institution ineligible to receive PHS support.

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