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Responsible Conduct of Research Training


The responsibilities of Principal Investigators (PIs) include the direction of research and scholarly activities and the education and training of students. There is a tremendous amount of responsibility and trust placed upon PIs with respect to research and scholarly activities. These crucial roles must be carried out in compliance with institutional policy, and all other federal and state regulations, guidelines, and sponsor requirements. The information and material presented in the Responsible Conduct of Research education is meant to provide an overview of many complex topics. The topics covered are an introduction and are not an exhaustive exploration of topics. Regardless of your level of expertise and experience I hope that you will find this material to be helpful and thought provoking. All PIs should be encouraged to seek out additional information and material when confronted with situations requiring more in depth analysis.

Material used in this training module is used by permission from Stanford University and Washington State University.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Responsible Conduct of Research
  3. Health, Safety and the Environment
  4. Radiation Safety Office
  5. Shipping and Receiving
  6. Protection of Research Subjects
  7. Conflict of Interest
  8. Export Controls
  9. Publication, Data and Intellectual Property
  10. Guidelines on Authorship
  11. Data Management and Lab Practices
  12. Research Misconduct
  13. Award Terms and Conditions
  14. Administrative Salaries and Other Clerical Expenses
  15. Financial Management
  16. The Cost Principles: OMB Circular A-21
  17. Effort, Salaries and Cost Share
  18. Documenting Allocability
  19. Monitoring Project Spending
  20. Equipment
  21. Project Close-Out
  22. RCR Quiz