The purpose of this training is to promote an understanding of basic research concepts for new research staff. The curriculum is intended for research staff who are involved in research, but who have received little to no formal training in this area.

The primary goal is to assist new research staff in developing an understanding of basic research concepts and an appreciation for the importance of conducting research in keeping with an approved plan. We hope this enhanced knowledge and understanding of research concepts and responsible practices will contribute to the integrity of the research and the value of the research results.

To access the training, select a topic using the menu bar to the left. Each topic is intended to be reviewed in the order presented. Once you are in a section, use the arrows at the bottom of each page to move forward or back. Definitions to some of the more technical terms are easily found by putting your cursor over the highlighted term.

Case examples are also provided in each section. The case example illustrates the topic and includes discussion questions to assist in understanding the concept. Please use these case examples to critically think about the topic presented and enhance your understanding of this information.