Peer Review Quick Guide
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Common Mistakes

This section provides opportunities to explore common mistakes made by novice researchers when preparing a manuscript for submission. These mistakes range from major (ex. subject recruitment, measurement instruments, data analysis, etc.) to minor (ex. abstract not in the format required by journal, references, tables/figures, etc.).

Each mistake will be identified by a specific title. Users should select a mistake from the list by clicking on the item. Each common mistake will begin with a brief introductory scenario followed by a sample paper excerpt, citation, etc. The user will then be asked to identify the mistake. Feedback regarding the response will then be provided.

Select a topic below or proceed to Mistake 1
- References Cited - Disclosure of Conflict of Interest  
- Accurate Citations - Self-plagiarism  
- ANOVA Results for Experiments - Completeness of Literature Review  
- Justification for Research - Use of Acronyms  
- Interpreting Statistics - Duplicate Publications  
- Power Analysis Reporting - Limitations on Publishing  
- Significance Level α and the ρ -value - Reporting Statistical Significance  
- Reporting Graphical Information - Dealing with Missing Values  
- Aggregation Bias and Ecological Fallacy - Level of Contribution  
- Distribution of a variable - Due Diligence  
- Clarity of Research Methods – Trimming    and Cooking Data - ANOVA Results for Experiments    Multiple Comparisons  
- Deciding on the Appropriate Statistical    Methodology - Reporting Results of a Test of    Association from Tabulated Data  
- ANOVA Results for Experiments    Overall Effects and Effect Sizes Statistics - Author Engages in Fragmentary    Publications  
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