Responsible Conduct in Data Management
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Responsible Conduct in Data Management Topics

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  • Overview of Data Management -- This topic provides an overview of data, data management, and the     importance of data management in responsible conduct of research.
  • Data Selection -- This topic describes issues researchers need to consider when determining the     appropriate data type, source, and instrument(s) to adequately answer research questions.
  • Data Collection -- This topic describes issues related to maintaining integrity of the data collection     process.
  • Data Handling -- This topic details issues that may violate the integrity of research data related to its     confidentiality, security, and preservation/retention.
  • Data Analysis -- This topic describes a number of issues that may compromise the precision of the     analysis conducted on research findings.
  • Data Publication and Reporting -- This topic describes factors that can compromise the integrity of     reported research findings.
  • Data Ownership -- This topic describes issues and responsibilities researchers must address in     controlling their data.