Responsible Conduct in Data Management
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Case Studies

The case studies included here are fictional scenarios designed to engage users in exploring the Data Analysis topic further. Each case study includes content as well as interaction to allow users read the case and select possible decision paths, and view the results graphically in the form of a decision tree.

The case studies are open-ended and are not meant to provide definite answers to the scenarios presented. Users can post their perspectives on each scenario in the Discussion Board (to be linked soon) and engage other users of the Data Management module in discussing the scenarios further.

Click on the links below to access and interact with each case study included for this topic. Some case studies may include brief video clips to illustrate the scenarios.

If needed,  you can click here to download the  RealPlayer  or the  Windows Media Player.
We recommend that you download and install the current version of your preferred player (RealPlayer  or  Windows Media Player) to view these videos. In addition, it may be necessary to disable your pop-up blocker, in order to allow the window of the video to pop-up.