This section is comprised of questions and answers for the cases "Share and Share Alike?" and "Who Owns Research Data?". It also contains questions for deeper reflection.

»Questions & Answers«

Case Study 1: Share and Share Alike?
Case Study 2: Who Owns Research Data?

»Case Study 1: Share and Share Alike?«

1: Why are data held in such a way that certain individuals working on a research study do not have access to personal information about the material? »Answer

2: What is a consent form? »Answer

3: What does it mean to have data anonymized? »Answer

4: Why shouldn’t Renee be able to use the samples, since she is not studying any disease associated with the blood samples? »Answer

5: What other options does Renee have besides ordering anonymous samples from a DNA bank? »Answer

»Case 1: Questions for Further Reflection«

1: Do you know the procedures involved in collecting data with human subjects? If not, how would you find out?

2: Why should we protect data collected from human subjects?

»Case Study 2: Who Owns Research Data? «

1: Who owns research data? »Answer

2: How could this problem of access to the research notebooks and manuals have been avoided? »Answer

3: Under what conditions should copying of data been done? »Answer

»Case 2: Questions for Further Reflection«

1: Are there ways in which you do not treat data as if it belonged to the academic institution, with the principal investigator as the steward?

2: Are the policies of data ownership clearly defined in research projects in which you are engaged?

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