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The site is intended for students and faculty members to help them use and encourage best practices for promoting research integrity within their research groups, whether or not they are specifically concerned with image guidelines. The site is also for researchers and administrators at all levels to help them to more widely teach, as well as to understand the reasons for teaching, best practices for research integrity among students and colleagues alike.

The site, including the case study, is ideally used in conjunction with a class. A handout is provided in the case study section for use with a live group discussion.

Users who are self-motivated will engage reflectively with the site in the absence of a classroom setting. Although the site is fully automated, some interaction is provided through stock answers supplied to students to compare with their own after they have typed in responses.

If the case study is used as part of a certification process, it is recommended that users be required to submit their responses for review by and/or feedback from a trained professional.

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