New Job Opportunity - Lead Public Health Advisor (Research Integrity)

ORI’s Division of Education and Integrity (DEI) will be hiring a Lead Public Health Advisor (Research Integrity) at the GS 14 level (pay range is $139,395 - $181,216).

As a Lead Public Health Advisor, you will use your knowledge of and experience with planning, designing, and carrying out administrative reviews and analyses to optimize business results and customer experience by:

  • Evaluating program objectives, priorities, and activities in terms of immediate problems and long-range effects.
  • Using knowledge of regulations, policies, processes, and current trends related to the handling of issues related to research integrity, research misconduct, and/or compliance with 42 CFR Part 93, to advise internal and external stakeholders on compliance with and/or the requirements/expectations of 42 CFR Part 93.
  • Reviewing and evaluating policies, regulations, or issues related to the integrity of biomedical and behavioral research, for the development of guidance, policies, procedures, compliance assessments, and/or recommendations for corrective actions.
  • Preparing reports and maintaining records of work accomplishments and administrative information, as required, and coordinate the preparation, presentation and communication of work-related information to the supervisor.
  • Promoting, supporting, and fostering the ORI education, outreach, compliance, and integrity mission to institutional leaders, officials, executives, research scientists, biomedical and behavioral researchers, PHS research awardees, other Federal agencies, state and local agencies, institutions of higher learning, and private sector institutions both nationally and internationally.

Eligible applicants who meet the educational requirement and have specialized experience are encouraged to apply.

The posting is open on USAJobs.gov starting on June 12, 2024, and will close on June 26, 2024. All qualifications must be met and all required documents must be submitted to USAJobs.


Source URL: https://ori.hhs.gov/blog/new-job-opportunity-lead-public-health-advisor-research-integrity