Update to ORI File Submission Process

The Office of Research Integrity (ORI) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has launched the ORI File Transfer System (ORI-FTS), a FedRAMP authorized, cloud-based system for secure file transfer. 

In recent years, ORI has heard from many Research Integrity Officers (RIOs) and Institutional Officials about the need for an electronic file transfer system that would facilitate the secure submission of reports, files, and other documents to ORI.  ORI too has recognized the need for such a resource and has worked to identify and implement a solution.  With the launch of ORI-FTS, RIOs and Institutional Officials are now able to send material securely and directly to ORI’s file transfer system, facilitating the process of sending and receiving such files.

How does initiating a submission to ORI-FTS work? When RIOs are ready to submit their institutional assessment, inquiry, or investigation reports and associated files and documentation via ORI-FTS, they should notify both ORI contacts listed below (and the DIO investigator assigned to the case) that the files are ready to be uploaded:

The RIO will receive an email with an invitation link so they can login to ORI-FTS and upload case related files and/or documents.  Additional instructions are provided in the README files in ORI-FTS.  RIOs should notify ORI once the case related files and/or documents have been uploaded. 

Are there still other ways to submit case related files and documents to ORI? ORI will continue to accept physical deliveries of paper records and external media drives as well as utilize institutional file-sharing systems; however, these may result in a delay in processing. 

If you have technical questions about the use of ORI-FTS, please contact Wayne Wu, Information Technology Specialist, Wayne.Wu@hhs.gov



Source URL: https://ori.hhs.gov/blog/update-ori-file-submission-process