Personnel Announcement from ORI Director

Today on the occasion of her retirement, we have the opportunity to celebrate the many years of outstanding investigatory work that Ann Hohmann did in the service of her country, public health, and the Office of Research Integrity. Ann brought incredible tenacity, a willingness to teach others and to share her knowledge, strategic understanding of the importance of working with others like our Office of General Counsel and RIOs on the successful outcome of cases, and a keen and strong intellect to our work. The outcomes she achieved with her cases are something I wish the public knew about public servants like her. She fought hard to make sure that biomedical research results can be counted upon, by painstakingly chasing down fabrication, falsification and plagiarism in hundreds of cases across multiple disciplines and with thousands and thousands of images. And so so many times she achieved positive outcomes that benefited all who count on biomedical research. 

We wish her the best on her retirement from public service.

Elisabeth (Lis) Handley
Director, Office of Research Integrity
Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

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