ORI Releases 3 Funding Opportunity Announcement Forecasts


NOTICE: Page updated on 02/18/2020 to reflect changes in the forecast



ORI released forecasts for three funding opportunity announcements (FOAs) for research integrity grants, including a new Program Development and Evaluation (PDE) program.  ORI will continue to support the Research on Research Integrity (RRI) and the Research Integrity Conferences (RIC) grant programs.  

“We understand that it takes substantial financial resources for the planning, development, and implementation of innovative programs” says Wanda Jones, ORI Deputy Director. “Organizations have been developing programs to promote research integrity for years with little financial support. This FOA helps meet the needs of the research community while encouraging the sharing of effective programs.”

The purpose of the new PDE program is to develop and evaluate innovative or emerging approaches for fostering research integrity, preventing or detecting research misconduct, protecting whistleblowers and respondents, and enabling the proper handling of research misconduct allegations.  PDE projects should create programs accessible to the research community or produce generalizable knowledge for the benefit of similar programs. Up to $100,000 (direct and indirect funding) will be awarded per project. Funds may be used for the creation of materials, resources, tools, and expertise to support a variety of new or existing programs.  An evaluation of the program or resources must be conducted as part of the project.

RRI program funds up to $150,000 (direct and indirect funding) for empirical research to understand the causes of research misconduct or to provide an evidence base for programs that promote research integrity and prevent research misconduct. The RIC program funds up to $50,000 (direct and indirect funding) for conferences related to research integrity or specialized workshops that train institutional officials who handle allegations of research misconduct.

The FOAs are expected to be released in early January 2020 with an application deadline in April 2020.

View the FOA Forecasts
Announcement of Anticipated Availability of Funds for Research on Research Integrity

Announcement of Anticipated Availability of Funds for Research on Research Integrity Conferences 

Announcement of Availability of Funds for Research Integrity Program Development and Evaluations 

At-a-Glance Comparison of Funding Opportunities


PDE Program

RRI Program

RIC Program


Supports the development and evaluation of programs that promote research integrity and prevents research misconduct.

Supports empirical research on research integrity and research misconduct.

Supports conferences or workshops on research integrity promotion, research misconduct prevention, responsible conduct of research and other topics related to compliance with 42 CFR Part 93.

Award Ceiling




Estimated Total Awards

Up to 2

Up to 8

Up to 6

Estimated FOA Release Date

March 30, 2020


Estimated Application Deadline

May 28,2020

Estimated Start Date

September 15, 2020


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