Introduction to New Infographics

It is important to foster integrity in the research community. Knowledge that emerges from research is collective and rooted in core values of integrity such as accountability, honesty, fairness, objectivity and openness. Everyone involved in research should exemplify these values throughout the research process, so researchers must understand the dynamics that support or pervert practices that typify integrity in research. 

ORI has developed a series of infographics addressing the Responsible Conduct of Research and the handling of research misconduct.  We hope RCR instructors and RIO’s will adopt the materials for their educational efforts.  With the success of these infographics, we have expanded the content with an additional six.  Each month from September 2018 – February 2019, ORI will focus on one topic area in research integrity with an infographic and corresponding video.  The comment section will help us understand how the expanded material is used.

Infographics: Authorship Practices To Avoid conflicts

Authorship Practices To Avoid conflicts

Video: The Left-Out Author

The Left-Out Author thumbnail image

The posters may serve as daily reminders about the responsible conduct of research (RCR) and how to navigate through issues related to research misconduct.  Look for monthly releases on these topics: 

  • Authorship Practices to Avoid Conflicts
  • 5 Qualities of Good Research Mentors
  • Applying for a Grant? DON’T TAKE SHORTCUTS
  • It’s a Slippery Slope to Research Misconduct
  • You’ve Been Accused of Research Misconduct – Now What?
  • Tips for Avoiding Plagiarism

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