Integrity in Scientific Research Videos

This video series will introduce key topics and ethical dilemmas in the responsible conduct of research. We hope it will prompt the exchange of information and discussion about research integrity principles among undergraduate/graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, scientists, and administrators.

Overview of the Videos

The Left-Out Author thumbnail image

Video 1 - The Left-Out Author
Missing authors and changes to author order, this video sets up a common authorship dilemma, and just how tricky it can be to resolve.

Infographics: Authorship Practices To Avoid conflicts

The Bad Role Model thumbnail image

Video 2 - The Bad Role Model
This video introduces the impact of mentorship effects on young researchers and the importance of providing support and advice to guide mentee’s professional development.

Infographics: 5 Qualities of Good Research Mentors

The Grant Application Game thumnail image

Video 3 – The Grant Application Game: How Far Would You Go to Get Funded?
The United States Government awards more than $500 billion in Federal Assistance Agreements, most commonly in the forms of grants.  This vignette introduces issues related to falsifying test results or other data in a grant applications in order to receive additional funding for future research/studies.

Infographics: Apply for A Grant? Don't Take Shortcuts

Breaking Protocol thumbnail image

Video 4 - Breaking Protocol
This video highlights ethical decision making; a faculty adviser suggests that students should break research protocol to get the desired results.

Infographics: Slippery Slope to Research Misconduct

Caught Cheating thumbnail image

Video 5 - Caught Cheating
Have you ever found yourself rushing to complete a project? This video sets up issues related to survey practices, falsifying data, and the importance of time management.

Infographics: You've Been Accused of Research Misconduct – Now What?

Ruined Internship thumbnail image

Video 6 – Ruined Internship: The Consequences of Plagiarism
This video introduces the concept of plagiarism and the implications of plagiarism on the collegiate level.

Infographics: Tips for Avoiding Plagiarism

ORI thanks Georgetown University School of Medicine for allowing us to film these videos on their campus.

Source URL: https://ori.hhs.gov/integrity-scientific-research-videos