Awards Data 2016

Research Grants: The purpose of the Phase I research grants is to foster innovative approaches to empirical research on societal, organizational, group, and individual factors that affect, both positively and negatively, integrity in research. These grants are awarded in two phases:

Phase I: The objective for Phase I is to establish project merit and feasibility and to generate preliminary data prior to seeking further support for Phase II.

Phase II: Phase II constitutes a separate competition limited to successful Phase I awardees. The objective for Phase II is to build upon results achieved in Phase I. Funding is based on success demonstrated in Phase I, the merit and feasibility of the Phase II proposal, and the availability of funds.

Phase I Awardees

Grant Number Principal Investigator Study Title
ORIIR160021 Samuel Bruton
Donald Sacco
The University of Southern Mississippi
"Misconduct Framing and Questionable Research Practices"
ORIIR160020 Paul A. Thompson
Sanford Research
"Reproducible image processing by improved tool development"
ORIIR160019 Chris HJ Hartgerink
Stichting Katholieke Universiteit Brabant
"The value of statistical tools to detect data fabrication"

Phase II Awardees

Grant Number Principal Investigator Study Title
ORIIR150018 Holtfreter, Kristy 
Arizona State University
“Perceptions of Scientific Misconduct in the Natural and Social Sciences”
ORIIR150017 Wang, Min-Qi
University of Maryland College Park
“Bioethical Issues in Biostatistical Consulting (BIBC): A Phase II Study”

Conference Grants: The conference grants aim to provide an opportunity for the research community to develop multi-disciplinary networks, build on existing evidence-based research, and stimulate innovative approaches to preventing research misconduct and promoting research integrity. ORI is especially interested in supporting conferences that lead to extramural grant applications on research on research integrity and peer-reviewed publications.

Grant Number Principal Investigator Conference Title
ORIIR160025 Michael Kalichman
University of California, San Diego
“Promoting Research Integrity in Collaboration with the Asia Pacific Region”
ORIIR160029 Samuel Gannon
The Vanderbilt University
“Growing Research Integrity Together (GRIT) Conference”
ORIIR160023 Ross A. Hickey
University of Maine System
"Leveraging the Research Integrity Symposium to Promote Metacognitive Ethics in Research Education and Training"
ORIIR160022 Sergio Litewka
University of Miami
"Inter-American Encounter on Scientific Honesty"
ORIIR160026 Dade Aurali
George Mason University
"Supporting responsible research organizations: a framework for engaged research managers and administrators"


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