US Office of Research Integrity Update: 09/2013

ORI Awards Research Projects Examing RCR and Research Integrity
ORI received nearly 20 proposals for the Research on Research Integrity extramural program.  In this funding round, ORI requested studies that examine research misconduct and examine the effectiveness of responsible conduct of research (RCR) programs.  Five awards were made with a diverse range of topics:

  • James Dubois, Ph.D., "Validating Outcome Measures for Remediation of Research Wrongdoing"
  • Daniele Fanelli, Ph.D., "From Countries to Individuals: Unravelling the Causes of Bias and Misconduct with Multilevel Meta-Meta-Analysis"
  • Eric Fong, Ph.D., "Biasing Influences on Evidence-based Conclusion-making."
  • Wayne McCormack, Ph.D., "Team-Based Learning for RCR Education"
  • Camille Nebeker, Ph.D., "Evaluating the Effectiveness of Training in Responsible Conduct of Research for Paraprofessional Research Staff

Spanish Version of "The Lab" Now Available
"The Lab: Avoiding Research Misconduct" is now available with Spanish subtitles. This version greatly increases the reach of "The Lab" to Spanish-speaking researchers and research administrators nationally and internationally.  This translation allows "The Lab" to be accessible to thousands of Spanish-speaking researchers and students who may one day come to the U.S. to further their training. 

Case Summary: Should You Always Be Responsive to Peer Review?
A researcher doesn't believe that a peer reviewer understands the research methodology in her grant proposal.  Should the researcher re-submit the proposal with the peer reviewer's suggestions, even though the researcher doesn't agree with them? Let us know what you think.

Who Currently Has Administrative Actions for Research Misconduct?
ORI provides several ways to inform the research community with the list of researchers who currently have administrative actions due to engaging in research misconduct. For a detailed list that includes a description of the misconduct and the administrative actions for each respondent, visit the Case Summaries page. On the other hand, the daily Administrative Action Bulletin Board provides a quick glance at all adminstrative actions on a single webpage.  This administrative actions list  is available in HTML format, PDF and by RSS Feed.

Research Misconduct Finding: Pratima Karnik
ORI found that the respondent engaged in research misconduct by plagiarizing significant portions from research grant application R21 AR061881 that she had reviewed for NIAMS, NIH, and inserting that text into her submitted grant application R01 AR062378-01. Respondent also plagiarized significant portions of text from the following scientific articles and one U.S. patent application available on the Internet.


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