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Research on Research Integrity (RRI) Conference 2006

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The fourth biennial Research Conference on Research Integrity was held at the Safety Harbor Resort and Spa, Safety Harbor, Florida, from December 1-3, 2006.

• Agenda (PDF)
• Abstracts (PDF)
• Abstract Titles (PDF)

Conference Materials

Educating for the Responsible Conduct of Research in Behavioral Health
by DiLorenzo, Becker-Feigeles, Gibelman
New Measures of RCR Mentoring, RCR Department Climate and Graduate Student RCR Preparedness in Psychological Science
by Fisher, Fried, Goodman, Germano
Authorship Ethics Requirements in Medical Journals
by Gardner
The Social Cost of Scientific Misconduct and Questionable Research Practices
by Gardner
Can Multiple Authorship Reduce Scientific Misconduct?
by Gelman
Validation of Ethical Decision-Making Measures: Internal and External Validity
by Hill
Research Environments and the Research Report Card
by Jeffers
Research Climate at the University of Zagreb School of Medicine
by Katavic, Vujaklija, Salopek, Hren
Entrepreneurial Professors and Secrecy in Science: Variations and Impact
by Louis and Campbell
Research Integrity in ASHA:Scientific Publication Practices
by Ingham and Moss
Early Determinants of Ethical Decision-Making
by Murphy
Goals Reported by Instructors for Teaching of Research Ethics
by Plemmons and Kalichman
Coverage of Authorship and Publication Practices in Scientific Societies’ Ethics Codes
by Roig
Using SurveyMonkey: Advantages and Problems
by Rosenbaum
Application of Ethical Principles During the Informed Consent Process for Clinical Trials
by Barnes, Russell, Clifton, Barnard
A Gentle, Collegial Alternative toWhistle-Blowing
by Seiber
Integrating Ethics into Graduate Training in the Environmental Sciences
by Stickler
Organizational Culture for Research Integrity in Academic Health Centers
by Vander Putten and Thrush
Responsible Conduct of Research Training: A Solution for Teaching Ethics in the 21st Century
by Waples
Questionable Research Practices: The Initial Development of a Measure
by Wester, Davis, Willse
Use of a Novel Content Analysis Method to Examine Trends in Research Integrity Literature (1996 – 2005)
by Thrush and Vander Putten