THE LAB Now Available with Chinese Subtitles

In 2010, ORI screened The Lab at the 2nd World Conference on Research Integrity in Singapore. The interactive video was well-received by the international research community, including by officials from the Chinese Ministry of Education.  They quickly saw the potential of The Lab to improve research training in China and inquired about making the training available in Chinese.  At the beginning of this year, ORI released a version of THE LAB: Avoiding Research Misconduct with Chinese subtitles and text screens.

"ORI saw this as a great opportunity," states Loc Nguyen-Khoa, the project leader for The Lab.  "There are hundreds of researchers, post-docs, and graduate students in U.S. who received their training in China." 

The Lab was viewed over 35,000 times in 2012 from users from several countries. To further expand the reach of The Lab, ORI is currently exploring making it available in additional languages.  Work is currently in progress to make create a Spanish version, which expected to be complete by October 2013.


Source URL: https://ori.hhs.gov/blog/lab-now-available-chinese-subtitles