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ORI Introduction to RCR: Chapter 10. Peer Review    

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Responsible Conduct Regarding Scientific Communications
Responsible Conduct Regarding Scientific Communication
Reviewers of Manuscripts
  1. Thorough scientific review is in the interest of the scientific community.
  2. A thorough review must include consideration of the ethical dimensions of a manuscript as well as its scientific merit.
  3. All scientists are encouraged to participate if possible when asked to review a manuscript.
  4. Anonymity of reviewers should be preserved unless otherwise stated in the guidelines for authors and for reviewers, or unless a reviewer requests disclosure.
  5. Reviewers should be chosen for their high qualifications and objectivity regarding a particular manuscript.
  6. Reviews should not contain harsh language or personal attacks.
  7. Reviews should be prompt as well as thorough.
  8. Reviewers must not use non-public information contained in a manuscript to advance their own research or financial interests.
  9. Information contained in a manuscript under review is confidential and must not be shared with others. (Link)

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