Emory University: School of Medicine Policy for Postdoctoral Fellows

ORI Introduction to RCR: Chapter 7. Mentor and Trainee Responsibilities

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Mentor Obligations
Postdoctoral research opportunities at Emory University School of Medicine are intended to foster the training of basic and clinical research scientists. Included within this goal is the concept that postdoctoral fellows, with the guidance of their mentors, will develop a scientific project that utilizes the creativity and independence of the fellow. In this spirit, the mentor will provide adequate facilities, funds, and the appropriate guidance to achieve the agreed-upon goals of the project. In addition, mentors should provide guidance in critical review of scientific information, grant writing, manuscript writing and preparation, presentation of scientific information, and in the art of performing research. Mentors should also advise and as possible, aid fellows in decisions regarding future employment potential and career paths. Mentor review of fellow performance and career development should be conducted at least once per year. A member(s) of the departmental senior faculty should be designated to serve as liaison with departmental postdoctoral fellows, faculty, and the Office of Postdoctoral Education and its advisory committees. (PDF)

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