Stanford University: Conflict of Commitment Policy

ORI Introduction to RCR: Chapter 5. Conflicts of Interest

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  1. Outside consulting privileges are not normally available to Academic Staff. They may consult only with permission, as noted below. Under no circumstances may any Academic Staff member’s outside consulting work exceed the limits imposed by the faculty consulting policy, i.e., 13 days per calendar quarter (that is, one day in seven) on a full-time equivalent basis…. Academic Staff may not use University resources, including facilities, personnel, equipment, or confidential information, except in a purely incidental way, as part of any outside consulting activities nor for any other purposes that are unrelated to the mission of the University.
  2. Academic Staff must maintain a significant presence on campus (main or overseas) throughout each quarter in which they are employed by Stanford, consistent with the scope of their appointment.
  3. Academic Staff must not allow other professional activities to detract from their primary allegiance to Stanford. For example, Academic Staff employed on a full-time basis must not have significant outside managerial responsibilities nor act as a principal investigator on sponsored projects that could be conducted at Stanford University but instead are submitted and managed through another institution. (Link)

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