Bayh-Dole Act (Public Law: 96-517)

ORI Introduction to RCR: Chapter 5. Conflicts of Interest

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Policy and Objectives 35 USC Part II, Chapter 18, Section 200
It is the policy and objective of the Congress to use the patent system to promote the utilization of inventions arising from federally supported research and development efforts; to promote collaboration between commercial concerns and nonprofit organizations, including universities; to ensure that inventions made by nonprofit organizations and small business firms are used in a manner to promote free competition and enterprise without unduly encumbering future research and discovery; to promote the commercialization and public availability of inventions made in the United States by United States industry and labor; to ensure that the Government obtains sufficient rights in federally supported inventions to meet the needs of the Government and protect the public against nonuse or unreasonable use of inventions; and to minimize the costs of administering policies in this area. (Link)

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