RCR Objectives: A Delphi Study

In 2006, James Dubois, Ph.D.  of St. Louis University received an award through to RCR Resource Development Program to develop a list of educational objectives for RCR. A Delphi study was performed using experienced RCR educators, administrators, and researchers to develop objectives in 7 of the 9 RCR core areas.  The RCR teaching objectives derived from the study are provide instructors with a framework and guide for teaching elements of RCR that were deemed as important key factors.The results of the study were published in the Journal of Research Administration in 2009.  Below are supplementary pages to the published article.

RCR Objectives: Introduction

Panel 1: General RCR Panel

Panel 2: Data Management & Research Misconduct

Panel 3: Mentor/Trainee Responsibilities, Collaborative Science, and Conflicts of interest

Panel 4: Publication Practices, Responsible Authorship, and Peer Review

Dubois, J.M., Mäder, H., & Dueker, J.M. (2009). Teaching and Assessing the Responsible Conduct of Research: A Delphi Consensus Panel Report. Journal of Research Administration, 40(1), 49–70.

Source URL: https://ori.hhs.gov/rcr-objectives-delphi-study