RCR Resource Development Program

ORI began the RCR Resource Development Program in 2002 to facilitate the creation of RCR instructional materials within the research community for use by the research community in RCR education programs in colleges, universities, medical schools, research institutes, hospitals, scientific societies and other research organizations thereby negating the need for each institution to develop its own resources.

Since its inception, the program has invested nearly 1.5 million dollars funding 50 projects to create RCR products. These projects have created a variety of resources addressing all nine core areas of RCR and additional resources addressing laboratory management, financial responsibilities, RCR administration, and assessment. Completed projects can be found in the Educational Resources Section.

Descriptions of Funded Projects

Round 5 - 2006 / Round 4 - 2005 / Round 3 - 2004 / Round 2 - 2003 / Round 1 - 2002

Source URL: https://ori.hhs.gov/rcr-resource-development-program