Handling Allegations

Allegations are made to the institution where the research misconduct has occurred. If the institution receives PHS funding, it must have a policy for responding to allegations of research misconduct. The policy should specify the form of the allegation - oral, written, anonymous or signed, the content of the allegation, and the person or persons to whom the allegation should be reported. An allegation containing the following information is most useful:

  • Name of respondent(s)
  • Name of whistleblower(s)
  • Names of witnesses
  • Description of misconduct
  • When misconduct occurred
  • Where misconduct occurred
  • Supporting documentation
  • Grant number or title
  • Funding source

A whistleblower may also make an allegation of research misconduct to ORI (AskORI@hhs.gov) or a PHS funding agency. Many allegations received by ORI do not involve PHS funding or research misconduct. Allegations of research misconduct that do not involve PHS supported research are forwarded to the appropriate federal research agency. Allegations concerning the protection of human or animal subjects, conflicts of interest, financial mismanagement, the use of hazardous materials, or regulated research are referred to the PHS offices that deal with these abuses of the research process.

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