ORI "Forensic Droplets" for the quick examination of scientific images.


A Photoshop "Droplet" is an executable file (~126 KB) created by saving a sequence of steps from the Action Palette. Once created, a Droplet's actions cannot be altered.

Droplets require Adobe Photoshop® v. 7 (or later). These versions were developed in Windows (W), but they also work on an Apple Macintosh®, using OS 10.2.8. (In the latter, you will first be asked to assign an application (i.e., Photoshop) to the Droplet). (Droplets developed on the Macintosh (M) should appear seamless.) Make sure you are in the "Full Text" control form.

Windows: Only Internet Explorer appears to support the Direct Drag and Drop. Make sure to be in the JPEG image, rather than its icon in the publication. If a "filename.fcgi" does not work, simply relabel it to "filename.jpg"

Macintosh: Internet Explorer appears to work best. Dragging images to the desktop creates the icon of a picrender file, such as in journals in PubMed Central. Simply drag and drop the image of the picrender file over the Droplet's icon. (Droplets created on the Macintosh (M) eliminate the problem.) Safari also works directly on a picrender.fcgi file. Netscape does not appear to work.


Source URL: https://ori.hhs.gov/help