1 Course Introduction
2 Conflict of Interest and Disclosure
3 Applying University Policies and Procedures in the Conflict of Interest Review Process
4 Management Plans
5 Decision-Making for Managing Potential Conflicts of Interest


Welcome to Reviewing and Managing Researchers' Conflicts of Interest

Image PlaceholderIn academic institutions, relationships between scientific investigators and industry sponsors is increasing. As institutions depend more on this funding, they need to assure the public of the integrity of research, especially research involving human subjects. How do institutions help manage competing interests in order to protect research subjects, assure objectivity, and guard against both the reality and appearance of compromised research? Institutions must respond by involving researchers and administrators in a systematic process of monitoring and responding to political conflicts of interest.

This online course is part of a two-course response to issues related to conflicts of interest within the University. The purpose of this course, targeted to department chairs, deans, and conflict review committee members, is to enhance consistency in applying policies and making decisions regarding researchers' disclosures and plans to resolve potential conflicts of interest. It is being offered in conjunction with a primary course for researchers, which addresses Federal, State, and University policies regarding conflict of interest, disclosure procedures and benefits, and the development of plans to manage potential conflicts of interest. (The course for researchers can be accessed by clicking on FIRST Home in the left navigation bar. Then, click on Electronic Courses at the bottom to access the course from the FIRST home page.) When you are ready to start the course, click the first module on the Course Module menu.

The Reviewing and Managing Researchersí Potential Conflicts of Interest Course consists of five modules that you can access from the menu on the left.

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