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Responsible Conduct of Research
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Data Management

This module is intended for self-paced learning especially by those in the early stages of their research careers and by those involved in supporting or training research staff and students. The content of each module has been compiled from existing literature and through interviews with faculty researchers at Northern Illinois University. Along with the content, quizzes, games, cases and opportunities for reflection have also been included to engage users in the module. But the content and the activities included in each module are by no means comprehensive or conclusive, and are meant only to provide a basic overview of each topic.

This module may take anywhere between three to five hours to go through the content and the activities fully, depending on one’s background, web navigation skills, and the type of access to the web. Some activities may require downloading freely available plug-ins or players. The modules do not require any login or password and the modules are best viewed in javascript-enabled Internet Explorer browser.

The ultimate goal of this module is to promote responsible conduct of research and help those involved in research activities to become proactive and better prepared to deal with any issues that may arise during the course of a research project. The underlying principle behind the modules is “responsibility” and it should be recognized when using the modules or applying them for educational or related purposes.

The module is intended to increase users’ awareness of responsible conduct of research issues but not to provide any particular strategies on addressing ethical or moral dilemmas that may arise in pursuing research endeavors. The developers of the module understand the importance of such dilemmas and the need for researchers to be prepared to deal with them effectively. However, it is beyond the scope of this module to offer any common guidelines or strategies to deal with such dilemmas that require one to make value judgments based on one’s own ethical or moral principles.

The project team would like to acknowledge the Office of Research Integrity at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and the Office of Research and Graduate Studies at Northern Illinois University for their funding of this project, and the faculty and staff at Northern Illinois University for their contribution and support of this effort.

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