Remember to try as many alternatives as you can within each case study presented in this course.

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O N L I N E   R E S E A R C H   E T H I C S   C O U R S E

Section Three: Institutional Responsibility

CASE STUDY: Expensive Lesson

Talk to Dr. Adelman yourself about the situation.

This is ethically permitted as Dr. Adelman is the institutional officer closest to the matter, but the concern should be raised in a way that protects Dr. Phinney. Perhaps there are other institutional officers who are better placed to hear the complaint. You should consider how to make the concern known to institutional authorities without compromising Dr. Phinney. The Office of the Inspector General at the National Science Foundation, which will keep confidential the identity of the complainant, can also be contacted directly with the concern. Dr. Phinney should also be alerted to your intention to share her concern.

Upon notification by you, the colleague of Dr. Phinney, Dr. Adelman might have responded in one of these ways. Click on alternative below to explore the outcomes of Dr. Adelman's potential responses.

Dr. Adelman said that there was no basis for concern and reminded you to keep quiet about your suspicions.

Dr. Adelman initiated an inquiry and compelled Dr. Phinney to come forward with her complaints.

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