Research Ethics: A Novel Approach was developed by Jan Allen and Mary Jane Moran with a grant from The Office of Research Integrity (ORI), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (#03T00302901). Loc Nguyen-Khoa, Office of Research Integrity, Dept of Health and Human Services, was O.R.I. program officer for this project and offered invaluable assistance and good humor.

ORI supports the development of training materials in the responsible conduct of research to help students and other researchers to identify and develop responsible practices in data acquisition, management, and ownership; mentor/trainee responsibilities; publication practices and responsible authorship; peer review; collaborative science; human subjects; research involving animals; research misconduct, and conflicts of interest and commitment. For more information see

Research Ethics
Objectives of this course
What is responsible conduct of research (RCR)?
Topics covered by this course
Technical Requirements

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