Technology consultant on this project was John Tremback, Action Systems, Inc. Chicago.

The genesis for this work is collaborations with graduate students and faculty colleagues at The University of Tennessee, particularly the faculty mentors, graduate fellows, and graduate students who participated in UT's Developing Future Faculty as Teacher-Scholars program 1995-2001.

Some of the content for this on-line ethics seminar comes from existing literature. We are especially grateful to Nicholas Steneck for his ORI publication, The Responsible Conduct of Research, from which we quote liberally. The project was also enhanced by conversations with our colleagues at The University of Tennessee, and in particular, the encouragement and work of Beth Fischer and Michael Zigmond at the University of Pittsburgh and participants in the 2003 Teaching Survival Skills and Ethics workshop (

As we have relied on existing literature and ideas of others, we have tried to appropriately attribute their work. If you believe we have missed doing so, please contact us (, so that we can make corrections and clarifications.

Except for the nationally acclaimed researchers referred to by full name, the other characters and research described here are fictional and resemblance to specific individuals is unintentional. Our novel's fictitious characters display behaviors that are questionable - some irresponsible, manipulative, and unethical - and which are "surely more common than we like to admit" (Cantor, 1989, p. 230).

In our own research and academic careers, we have been guided by mentors and colleagues whose stories are shining examples of stellar research, thoughtful mentoring, and the highest standards of integrity - colleagues such as C.W. "Bud" Minkel, Sky Huck, Jim Moran, Carol Catron, JoLynn Cunningham, Brian Barber, Jane Snow Teleki, and Gail Melson. We admire them as researchers, mentors, and people.

Djerassi, C. (1989). Cantor's dilemma. New York: Penguin.

Research Ethics
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