Jan Allen, Ph.D., developed this project while Associate Dean of The Graduate School, Northwestern University. There she directed graduate student professional development programs, including Preparing Future Faculty, Beyond Books, The Virtual Mentor (, and the Academic Ethicist ( The latter two are on-line resources with information and questions-and-answers about research, teaching and academic ethics. From 1982 to 2002 she was a faculty member at The University of Tennessee, where she also directed the Developing Future Faculty as Teacher-Scholars program. She also was assistant Dean of The Graduate School. In October 2005 she became Associate Dean for Ph.D. Programs in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Columbia University.

Mary Jane Moran, The University of Tennessee, co-P.I., served on the University of New Hampshire Institutional Review Board (1998-2001), focusing on protecting the rights and confidentiality of young children in research. She currently co-directs the Teacher Research and Documentation Center at the University of Tennessee with Dr. Deborah W. Tegano. In this laboratory, Dr. Moran mentors preservice and master teachers in the ethical complexities of using classroom records-- photographs, video tape, and scanned work samples -- in research. Dr. Moran has co-authored web modules to develop teacher inquiry using photographs and video tape.

Research Ethics
Objectives of this course
What is responsible conduct of research (RCR)?
Topics covered by this course
Technical Requirements

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