What is responsible conduct of research (RCR)?

RCR -- responsible conduct of research -- refers to policies and guidelines that insure scientific and integrity standards in research and scholarship. There are nine issues or core topics in the responsible conduct of research:

  • Collaborative science
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Data management
  • Mentor-trainee relationships
  • Peer review
  • Publication practices and responsible authorship
  • Research misconduct
  • Use of human subjects
  • Use of animal subjects
These areas are most frequently mentioned in training requirements by funding and regulatory agencies, which have increasingly focused their attention on greater expectations and requirements for disclosure, accountability, and regulation of research. In addition, we have given special attention in this module to identifying and developing appropriate responses to observed misconduct and the reporting of violations of these nine areas of RCR.

Objectives of this course
What is responsible conduct of research (RCR)?
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