Truth is the beginning of every good thing... and he who would be blessed and happy should be from the first a partaker of the truth, for then he can be trusted. – Plato

It seems paradoxical that scientific research, in many ways one of the most questioning and skeptical of human activities, should be dependent on personal trust. But the fact is that without trust the research enterprise could not function. – Arnold Relman
Chapter 4: The Devil is in the Details

     Ramona didn’t know how interesting. To the students’ credit, they took their assignment very seriously. Ramona had received Nick’s permission to use his most recent research, and when the students in the role of Manning University’s IRB members reviewed Nick’s IRB protocol along with his subsequent research and publications, they made some curious discoveries. There were post-dated consent forms. There were differences between the actual consent form and the IRB-approved ones. Subjects were not given all the information required for informed consent. Incentive amounts had been increased. Ramona wondered – how to explain this to the students?

     Ramona knew of faculty who had not been compliant with university and federal regulations governing animal care and use. The federal government had fined the university three million dollars for its poor recordkeeping on inventory, feeding, and health care of animals. Although the animals had not been mistreated, the shoddy recordkeeping was enough to create such a large financial penalty for the university that research staff members were fired and faculty experienced difficulty in getting new approvals and funding for several years.

Research Ethics
Chapter 4: The Devil is in the Details
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This chapter addresses research with human subjects, including risks, protections, and policies governing responsible research conduct. Research with animals is also discussed. Upon completion of this chapter we hope that you can identify the ethical issues and complexities in research with humans and animals. We want you to learn about the rules, guidelines, and behaviors associated with responsible research.

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