A little integrity is better than any career. Ralph Waldo Emerson

It makes all the difference in the world whether we put truth in the first place,
or in the second place. John Morley
Chapter 3: Discussion and Reflection Questions
1. What issues and concerns did you immediately react to intellectually and emotionally in this chapter?
2. To what extent is Peter allowed to be involved as an owner or share-holder in a business that benefits from his university research?
3. Who is responsible for the oversight of Peter’s research?
4. Who shares responsibility for monitoring and avoiding impropriety or the appearance of misuse of budget, equipment, and trainees and staff?
Research Ethics
Chapter 3: Anything for a Buck
Discussion and Reflection Questions
Integration Questions
References and Resources

This chapter addresses conflicts of interest in research. Upon your completion of this chapter, we hope that you can identify what constitutes conflicts of interest, including financial, intellectual, personal, and time/work commitment conflicts, that impact responsible conduct of research. We also want you to learn about institutional and federal policies that serve to help researchers reduce, manage, and address conflicts of interest.

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