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Who should use this course and how.

Novices (primer)

Take the virtual tour by choosing a room and selecting each highlighted item in the room. For each item, review the inspection details and attempt the question. After touring all of the rooms, take the optional quiz.

Veterans (more in depth)

In addition to the above, follow the links to the resources documents for the specific regulatory and guidance language.

Inspectors (as a field guide)

Download this module to a laptop for access during an actual inspection. As needed, drill down through rooms to items for details on what to look for. Follow links to resource documents when more specific regulatory and guidance information is needed.

Using IACUC Members Guide to Animal Facility Inspections

This course has three main parts: Virtual Tours, Resources, and a Quiz.

Virtual Tours

Select a room to inspect via the Virtual Tour pull-down menu. Each virtual tour contains a QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR) panoramic image that allows you to inspect that area. Clicking on a numbered box to the left of panoramic image will open a new window containing specific information about the inspection item of the same number in the panoramic image.  Security measures established by newer versions of QuickTime prevent clicking directly in the panoramic image itself.

More information about navigating within a QTVR can be found under Help > Site Navigation.


Select Resources on the main toolbar to find a glossary of Acronyms and a Bibliography with web links.


Once you've studied all of the material presented, you can start the Quiz from the main toolbar. The quiz is designed to reinforce some of the material appearing in the tutorial.