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Virtual Tour Navigation

Each virtual tour contains a QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR) panoramic image that allows you to inspect that area. With a QTVR panorama, it's as if you're standing in the scene and you can look around 360 degrees. To travel within the panoramic image, place your cursor on the image, click and hold down the left-mouse button, and move the cursor in the direction of interest.

To zoom in, click the + button at the lower left of the image. You can also zoom in by pressing Shift on your keyboard.

To zoom out, click the — button at the lower left of the image. You can also zoom out by pressing Control on your keyboard.

Each virtual tour panoramic image has numbered hotspots that correspond to numbered boxes to the left of panoramic image. Clicking on a numbered box to the left of panoramic image will open an inspection item hotspot window containing specific information about the inspection item of the same number in the panoramic image. Each inspection item hotspot window which will contain:

  • A photo and description of the clicked hotspot inspection item.
  • What to look for when inspecting this item.
  • Web links to additional resource documents.
  • A question and answer about this item.
    (Click the plus symbol next to the question to view the answer.)

When you close the inspection item hotspot window, you will be back at the virtual tour exactly where you left off.

Once you have visited a hotspot, the number will be crossed out. This will allow you to know if you've visited every inspection item hotspot window. If you reload the page that contains the virtual tour, the visited hotspots indicator will be reset.

Activation Prompts

When using Internet Explorer under the Windows XP operating system you will see an ActiveX activation prompt each time a virtual tour window loads.

This activation prompt can appear in one of three ways.

  • A small yellow textbox Press SPACEBAR or ENTER to activate and use this control. appears on top of the virtual tour QTVR panorama image.
  • A yellow banner will appear at the top of your browser window.
  • A pop-up prompt appears before the virtual tour QTVR panorama image will load.

Follow the instructions to activate and use the QTVR panorama image. The prompt will appear each time the page is opened. This is normal behavior for Internet Explorer under the Windows XP operating system. It does not occur if using Firefox under Windows XP.