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Version 1.1 April 2008

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The IACUC Members Guide to Animal Facility Inspections was created under a contract between Wake Forest University Health Sciences and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) for distribution by the Office of Research Integrity under the RCR Resource Development Program.

Questions regarding the use of this material should be directed to the DHHS, Office of Research Integrity.

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1) Wake Forest University and its partners do not endorse or sponsor any commercial product, service, or activity without a prior written agreement.

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Wake Forest University Health Sciences

  • David Lyons, PhD
  • Collen Bennett, MS
  • Richard Young, DVM, DACLAM
  • Paul Sikoski, DVM, DACLAM
  • Erin Mitchell, DVM
  • Janice Wagner, DVM, PhD, DACLAM
  • Kevin Brewer
  • Lou Davis
  • Cameron Dennis
  • Scott Kilbourne
  • Tom Roth
  • William Willner

Duke University

  • Ron Banks, DVM, DACLAM

Vanderbilt University

  • Jeanne Wallace, DVM, DACLAM
  • David Cannon, ACIP